An interior design agency that knows the space and recognizes your desires.

We get excited about the challenges, get inspired by the space and its potential. We can transform large and empty spaces warm and functional or make small spaces practical and spacious. It is about the sense of space, the feeling, the materials, seamless collaboration and customer understanding.

Protest Design is an interior design agency. Our work combines a creative approach and extensive experience in the design of high-quality public spaces in both renovation and new construction projects.

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Interior design

All areas of interior design are among our core competencies. We tailor them to the customer's wishes. We are improving the entire operating environment; corporate image, customer experience and staff well-being. The starting point is the functionality and appropriateness of the facilities - and above all the customer's needs.

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Corporate identity & work environment development

Our design team has extensive experience in the possibilities of spatial communication and the development of work environments and the use of space in various industries. We have the necessary tools, whether it is to brighten up the company's image, improve the well-being of employees, increase the customer experience or, for example, make more efficient use of space.

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Service Design & Virtual Services

Our goal is user-oriented design of the service experience so that the end result meets both the needs of the users and the business goals of our customer. Our service includes illustrative 3D modeling and virtual glasses allow our customers to get acquainted with the planned space before implementation.

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Product design

You can't always find everything ready-made to realize a great idea, in which case we design the furniture and other interior design products ourselves. Our seamless cooperation with carpenters and manufacturers guarantees a successful and targeted budget.

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Protest Design is an experienced and high-quality interior design firm. Our interior architects Taina Lehtinen and Marko Nenonen have worked together for more than 20 years.

Taina Lehtinen

Interior architect SIO, BA (hons), MA
+358 (0)40 767 4764

Taina ‘s experience in interior design for public spaces is stunning – and the impression is dazzling. She has a rare ability to look at things from a broad perspective. Taina takes into account the architecture and special features of the target building. He considers the functional design of the premises and the use of colors to be his strengths. Taina is interested in the full range of architecture and design. In addition, he has teacher genes: Taina has worked in teaching and as a lecturer in the field.

Marko Nenonen

Interior Architect SIO, BA (hons), MA
+358 (0)40 740 1168

Marko is passionate about his work and challenging himself. He always approaches his subject with unprejudiced curiosity and clever questioning. The end result is wonderful, out-of-the-ordinary solutions that glow with warm creativity. Marko excels in furniture and lighting design. Under his leadership, our customers will also be able to enter the virtual world.

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