Tampere University Hospital

Tampere, 2019

TAYS renovation program was a large-scale new construction and renovation program for the Tampere University Hospital area, which included several hospital buildings, an underground car park and general infrastructure in the area. The total volume of new construction was almost 100,000 brm2. The aim of the interior design concept we designed was to clarify and unify the visual appearance of the spaces and to guarantee comfort and accessibility for a diverse group of users, through appropriate interior design. The concept included specifications for interior colors, materials, and furniture, as well as guidelines for utilizing visual themes to identify different buildings.

In addition to the concept plan, we designed the entire interior of the new main building. The main lobby is a large open space, which can be reached by an escalator from the parking garage and has services for both customers and staff. The lobby is also the center of campus guidance, with good connections to the surrounding buildings. The information desk we designed serves as an eye-catching “lighthouse” and the same dynamic, round shape is repeated in the restaurant’s fixed furniture. Among the services in the lobby, the design of the restaurant was also part of the job description of interior design. Two public works of art, Teija-Tuulia Ahola’s Virta and Kirsi Kaulanen’s Lifestyle, were created in the main hall, which were carefully coordinated with the artists as part of the overall interior. Functional facilities were planned for the main building, e.g. the place of birth, the musculoskeletal center, the vascular and interventional radiology center and the equipment maintenance. Famous places in Tampere and Pirkanmaa can be found in the large-scale wall prints made on the walls of the various units.

The sign design included a renewal of the sign concept for the entire hospital area. The interior design and sign design were combined into a complementary whole in the concept; Each building in the area was given its own distinctive color, which was utilized in the interior design so that the signs not only function as a guide function but also as interior elements, and the placement of the wall surfaces can help customers to orient themselves better in the premises.

Client: Pirkanmaa sairaanhoitopiiri
Year: 2019
Project area: 37200brm2
Architect: Arkkitehtitoimisto Tähti-Set Oy & UKI Architects Oy