Interior design

All areas of interior design are among our core competencies. We tailor them to the customer’s wishes. We are improving the entire operating environment; corporate image, customer experience and staff well-being. The starting point is the functionality and appropriateness of the facilities – and above all the customer’s needs.

We design public, community and corporate premises, new sites and renovation projects. Plans are always drawn up in three dimensions and can be linked to building data models for maintenance and coordination.

The components of a comprehensive interior design plan that can be implemented both together and separately are spatial design, concepting, service design, spatial, communication, real estate development, work environment development, visualizations and VR, furniture, lighting, colors, finishes, textiles, signage, art selection, supervision.

"Our starting point is the functionality of the facilities and the purpose."

Corporate identity & work environment development

Our design team has extensive experience in the possibilities of spatial communication and the development of work environments and the use of space in various industries. We have the necessary tools, whether it is to brighten up the company’s image, improve the well-being of employees, increase the customer experience or, for example, make more efficient use of space.

Experience, vision and multidisciplinary expertise are seen as positive surprises for our customers along the way together. We have been involved in very diverse and different projects: we built Finland’s country image through interior design in several international projects, and we created completely new types of work spaces in healthcare and special care facilities.

"We have been involved in building Finland's country image through interior design in a number of international projects."

Service design and virtual services

Our goal is user-oriented design of the service experience so that the end result meets both the needs of the users and the business goals of our customer. Our service includes illustrative 3D modeling and virtual glasses allow our customers to get acquainted with the planned space before implementation.

It is also possible to work in a 3D model in a 3D model with different user groups, so that design solutions can be illustrated quickly and cost-effectively already at the design stage with the help of model spaces. Our virtual design method also facilitates cooperation between different parties, even during interest rate restrictions, and can be utilized in design projects of all sizes, regardless of location.

The space is full of opportunities. We design it in terms of its functions and feel, with the idea that at the center is always the person, the user of the space. Successful space design is one in which a person settles as if by nature. A functional space is always designed for people and lives. The work is successful when the person entering the space experiences immediate homeliness after the Wow experience.

"Our virtual design facilitates collaboration between different parties."

Product design

You can’t always find everything ready-made to realize a great idea, in which case we design the furniture and other interior design products ourselves. Our seamless cooperation with carpenters and manufacturers guarantees a successful and targeted budget.

We design customized furniture solutions, lighting or other elements required for an individual and functional space for our customers. Our furniture design expertise covers fixed operating room furniture, unique carpets as well as industrially manufactured furniture and lighting. The final touch for a great outcome often requires attention to small details.

"You can't always find everything ready-made to realize a great idea"